THE SATELLITERS (60s Garage) + Phonetic Circle + Aftershow!
Schönhauser Allee 176a im Keller des Pfefferberges.
10119 Berlin
030 281 83 23
THE SATELLITERS are unarguably THE German 60s Garage Punk-band number one - since 1993 they have produced 10 LPs, a 10' and more than a dozen singles, which were released by some of the finest record labels of today's Garage-scene (among others DIONYSUS, SCREAMING APPLE, CHAPUTA and of course SOUNDFLAT RECORDS) and established their very own SATELLITERS-signature sound, that combines an authentic 60s garage-sound (recorded with original vintage equipment only) containing just the right amount of fuzz-guitar, hammond organ, harp, a psychedelic Freakbeat-influence and the unmistakable vocals of lead singer Steve. Their brand new album 'Zahstethomalex' is no less remarkable than its predecessors. As usual, the boys shine with both their cover- versions, such as their fantastic fuzzy version of 'Driving Sideways On A One-Way Street' (original by MERELL FRANKHAUSER), as well as their own compositions, such as the catchy 'Into Your Eyes' or 'My Illusion', that has a cool, fuzzy sound slightly resembling the one of THE SEEDS. The album is definitely also not short of a psychedelic/Freakbeat influence, which is apperent in the instrumental 'Pandora's Wonderland' for example or in the soft, dreamy 'As I Tried' with its gloomy, distorted vocals . Altogether this album is no less than what you'd expect from the fantastic SATELLITERS: an absolutely thrilling mixture of fuzzy 60s-Garagepunk, psychedelic Freakbeat-influence and fabulous vocals.A fantastic record through and through!
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