Del Vox [USA] / The Artakees [D]
Old School Garage Rock / Garage Punk
50825 Köln Ehrenfeld
Sonic Ballroom
0221- 5464445
Del Vox [USA] / The Artakees [D]

Old School Garage Rock / Garage Punk
Del Vox is a band that embodies the duplexity of the DayGlow genre. Playing upper atmosphere, solar radiant, garage rock music, that falls somewhere in between here and halfway to the moon. Del Vox packs a melodic punch and delivers music and attitude that provides an emotionally rich experience. The band's members come from long-standing musical acts with diverse backgrounds. They've played a variety of venues and festivals across both the US, Europe, and Australia. Members include Sherri Jerome guitar and vocals (Strange Jerome, Jealous Dogs), Aimee Zoe Tubbs on the drums (JackRabbit, MoZo, Ian McFeron Band), Michael Beckworth on electric guitar, (Strange Jerome, Mnamna, Hundred Acre Wood) and Mikel McDermott on bass (Silverhands, Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers). Del Vox's album Stereo features catchy and strongly-written garage rock tunes taking over your stereo from beginning to end, Del Vox has perfected the art of making a new garage rock album with a tastefully-modernized old soul.

Arisen from the fountains of hope in 2018, The Artakees play a mixture of classic Garage Punk and modern Power Pop. Their rough guitar riffs are reminiscent of the legendary The Kinks, the booming bass and tough drums of the fabulous The Sonics. By dint of the singer's bluesy voice The Artakees create a combination of catchy melodies with fuzzy guitars and the untamed energy of Medway Punk.

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21:30h, Eintritt: 8€

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