☠️Brakrock 02. und 03. August 2024
Alkaline Trio, Descendents, Less Than Jake, Terror, Mad Caddies, H2O, Strung Out, Zebrahead, A Wilhelm Scream, Ignite, Cancer Bats, Evergreen Terrace, Bridge City Sinners, Talco, Mustard Plug, The Dwarves, The Casualties, The Queers, Wisdom In Chains, Belvedere, The Toasters, This IS Hell, Death By Stereo, Tusky, The Generators, Chaser, Smoking Popes, Union 13, The Priceduifkes, Lower Class Brats, The Drowns, Love Equals Death, CF98, Slaughterhouse, Seized Up, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Rumkicks, Rich Widows, Sidekick, School Drugs
Ter Elstlei
Duffel, Belgium
Kasteel Ter Elst