☠️ XTREME FEST 26-27-28 juli
Nova Twins, Descendents, Rise Of The Northstar, Thrown, Sick Of It All, The Baboon Show, Zebrahead, Strung Out, CF98, The Casualties, Johnnie Carwash, Moscow Death
Brigade, Higher Power, A Wilhelm Scream, Guilt Trip, Calcine, Belvedere, Lambrini Girls, Imparfait, Red Soul Community, The Twin Souls, Toxic Frog, The Meffs, Mustard Plug, Aerial Salad, Carsick, MakeWar, Forest Pooky, The Manky Melters, Punky Tunes, Monde de
Merde, Pythies, Who I Am, Sorcerer, Old Time Spooks, Pussy Mie
Cap Découverte
81450 FR Le Garric