Rebellion Festival 01. bis 04. August
Cock Sparrer, Angelic Upstarts, UK Subs, The Chameleons Vox, The Subhumans, CJ Ramones, Evil Conduct, The Godfathers, Culture Shock, Pears, Paranoid Visions, The Lurkers, Menace, Citizen Fish, Slice Of Life, The Skeptix, Red London, Los Fastidios, Grade 2, Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs, Lost Cherrees, Spider, The Derellas, Choking Sudsan, Razors, Fire Exit, Interrobang, Rust, Peter Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, Eastfield, The Cundeez, Knock Off, System Of Hate, No Thrills, Foreign Legion, Kingcrows, Weird Things
Winter Gardens, 97 Church St.
Blackpool (UK)
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