Malasuerte Fi Sud [ITA]
Ska Punk Rock Militante
50825 Köln Ehrenfeld
Sonic Ballroom
0221- 5464445
Malasuerte Fi Sud [ITA]
Ska Punk Rock Militante
MALASUERTE FI*SUD was born in 1997 as a trio, with a fucking punk attitude, grown up in the C.P.A. Firenze Sud, one of the most important experiences of occupation in the italian scenario. All songs treats about solidarities, working class and work rights and many others past or contemporary social problems too much often treated with hypocrisy or superficiality, putted on energetic punk, ska and rock rhythms. Among the years the band has played in the most wierd situations: streets, trucks, jails as well as huge festivals, sometimes just because was necessary to be there, but always with plenty of energy! Thanks to the political activiy and the involvement that the guys put in every gig the band is follwed by a big brigade of fans, that supports and shows how important is and will be to keep saying what's wrong in this society, ruled by the rules of the capital, in a world where few rich countries try to command on every other populations.
Never step backward!

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21:30h, Eintritt: 8€

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