Reverend Red [USA]
50825 Köln Ehrenfeld
Sonic Ballroom
0221- 5464445
Reverend Red [USA]

Since 2009 the Mojave desert based Reverend Red has built themselves a strong foundation through stories of old rural America and murder ballads for those who have been flavoring their liver with whiskey and resentment. They have toured relentlessly across the US and in the past two years played throughout Europe (as a solo act) with their "play any club, any city" attitude- the result has been them playing national music festivals, music venues, shady dive bars, restaurants, and even a few pizza joints.

The band's sound is hard to put in a box, but press has described them as Rockabilly, Country, Punk, Roots, Rock, and Americana which is usually accompanied by the words "Original" and "Enjoyable". These descriptions are all correct, as the band blends styles from each members significantly different background. This has opened many doors for the band to play with a variety of world class bands from a large spectrum of music genres.

Einlass: 20h; Beginn: 21.15h, Eintritt: 8€
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